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For  the  same  price  as a Luxury Condominium, people can buy a house and land which provides both comfort  and a long term investment,  however this is not always possible.  Foreigners in Thailand can own only purchase apartments.  The funds (money) required to purchase an apartment must come from abroad in foreign currency and the buyer must also obtain a Tor Tor 3 certificate from the receiving bank which he will have to show the land dept before transfer of title. It is advisable to consult your Bank Manager or lawyer before transfering any funds.

A Thai lady  legally married to a foreigner,  can now own and more importantly   register property in her own name. If she married a farang some years back, Thai Law precluded her continuing to own either Land or a House in her name after that marriage was legally contracted. So that would tend to indicate that perhaps the marriage  wasn't fully Legal or the land title  slipped through a bureaucratic loophole somewhere.  Anyway this unfair law  was  recently amended, so a Thai wife can now  legally continue to own land or a house which she owned before the marriage without fear that the authorities may negate the title if ever she tried to sell it.  Similarly a Thai lady legally married to a farang can now own and more importantly, register property in her own Name.

A foreigner cannot own a house, land or property in his own name no matter what.  It is circumstance driven...He must do it through a Juristic Person [Company] or his legal Thai Wife. A foreigner may legally purchase, together with his wife, a house, land or property which shall be duly purchased as marital property [Parties legally married and documented at local Amphur]. This purchase cannot exceed 1 Rai and is jointly held and cannot be sold without the other partner's signature, nor can either force the other out of residence without due compensation. His name will never be on the actual Title Deed, but a Memorandum is attached indicating his attachment to the owner. Extended lease rights can be enjoyed in most cases where such rights are registered at the local land office and agreements exist between concerned parties    by Leslie Wright.

Leslie  Wright  is Managing  Director  of Westminster  Portfolio  Services (Thailand) Ltd., a firm of independent  financial advisors  providing  advice  to expatriate residents of the eastern  seaboard  on personal  financial  planning and international  investments. If you have  any  comments  or  enquiries  on  this  article, or  about  other  topics  concerning investment  matters, contact  Leslie Wright  directly  by  fax on  (038) 232522  or  e-mail at:  Further  details  and back articles can be accessed on his firmís website on

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Visitors to this web-site are assured that any enquiries which they may have will be dealt with by humans, and not credit card munching machines with automatic responders for enquiries, like some of the big commercial web-sites.

Now that you have seen the services we have to offer, we hope you have spent a little time browsing through our linked pictures above which are worth a thousand words, if not have a peep.  Are you looking for a nice home to rent or buy in the city or country, maybe a peaceful apartment at the seaside to relax during your visits here?

We offer many choices and locations that may suit your requirements in many parts of Thailand, If you can't find what you are looking for, or you think we may not have it, drop us a line, we are always pleased to reply and help in any way we can, remember our services are always helpful, honest and free! to anyone looking for properties to rent, purchase, or relocate in Bangkok and the surrounding areas.


What are we looking for when we plan a move to a new home due to job relocation or other circumstances?  I would guess a nice homely and comfortable place which has everything we require, close to a shopping center where we feel safe and secure, with family and friends not too far away

Sometimes we get so absorbed with the luxuries of life within a modern city apartment that has all the mod cons needed to suit our lifestyle,  we tend to forget our health and environment around us. It is also very important to seek a clean environment, with nice pleasant surroundings, low noise & dust levels,  with lots of greenery & trees to supply much needed oxygen,  and absorb all the carbon dioxide  which increases daily due to pollution & deforestation.

If you require these qualities in a future home, we have listed two such places in North Bangkok,  one situated on the banks of the Chao  Phaya River with  breathtaking  river  views on the upper floors,  the other fairly close  to  the  "International School Bangkok and  the  Chaeng Wattana expressway, located in 5 acres of landscaped gardens with lawns, shrubs, trees, and a big pond in the centre.  This  beautiful apartmentt complex has recently reduced prices by 25% which makes it good value for money

The apartments vary in size to suit your needs, 1 Bedroom 84 Sqm 2 Bedroom 154-168 Sqm,  3 Bedroom 210 Sqm,  Penthouses 275-446 Sqm. fully furnished  to  international Standards  with,  fitted kitchen,  air conditioning  in all  rooms,  plus  IDD Tel  in all Apts. Facilities include a big swimming pool,  two outdoor tennis courts, childrens playground, reading room,  poolside coffee shop / snack bar,  Cable TV,  Maid services  and Laundry.

Safety is provided by  24-hour trained security guard patrols  and modern state-of-the-art fire protection system. View Photo of Luxury Apts near Airport,  with interior and outside garden views,  below the Heading "our services" at the start of this Home Page.


Many  distinguished  writers  and  visitors  have  written  about  the  Thai people, their culture, their  philosophy  to life  and  their  warm  & friendly manner, hence the name given  "The Land Of Smiles."

However  as yours  truly is not a distinguished writer or philosopher, I will refer  you  to the  many links we  have listed about  the  Kingdom  of Thailand is one of  the links  with a banner  below that will give  you a  very good  review on the Entire Country.

The site author  has gone into great detail  to arrange  the site into various groups and sections, where he describes the culture of the country, the people, language, religion, climate,  history, economy, festivals, and all  relevant  information that  a visitor should know before visiting a country.

We  have  over 300  text and graphic Links  on our Helpful Links Page to assist you in finding  information, plus essential  and inportant facts about Thailand.  We  also  have  listed  on  that  Page  links  to  many of the Thai Portal  Web  Sites  which  yield  vast  amounts of information about the Kingdom of Thailand.

Amazing Thailand Home Page

A Cool Day Out With Bangkok Skytrain
Visitors who were doubtful on returning to the Land Of Smiles because of the very heavy traffic Jams, the time it took to visit various parts of the city, and the pollution which was awful while you waited, can now make a return visit to travel with comfort,  and stay cool in elevated mode travel, enjoying views of the City by night & day. Why is that?

Skytrain is here at last, and the hassle of travelling is now over.  You can now travel from Mo Chit near Jatuchak Weekend Market, to Soi On-Nut on the Sukhumvit Line, travelling via Victory Monument towards Siam square then swing east to Phloen Chit & Sukhumvit. For journeys to Silom and Bang Rak area change at Central Station near Siam Square to the Silom line.

The journey in this cool, comfortable air conditioned train was very relaxing indeed, yours truly tested the Sukhumvit Line and the time taken from Jatuchak to Soi On-Nut was just 15/20 mins at 2 PM in the afternoon. What a big change from 2 years ago when that same stressful Journey took me 3 hours plus by car, the airconditioned trains were immaculate and tidy, with operations of the same standard as those in big western cities.

On arrival at On-Nut Station, I waited for the automatic doors to open and the hot air blast from outside which caught me was a grim reminder of disembarking in transit from a flight in Calcutta nine years ago, what a difference in the temperature change ! I felt like staying on for a bit longer, but I knew we had reached  the end of the line, to taste the hottest day of Summer.

Stations are gradually being added to improve the travelling distance, and we all await the day it reaches the airport for various reasons,  plus the airport area is my Home Site.  So without further delay in writing,  Click onto the Train Photo to get all the Information about the routes, stations, prices etc. If you live in a Hotel or Apt near a station, life can be cool during your holiday or stay.

Bangkok Skytrain Stations & Route 
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