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Ban Saray Rayong: Luxury 2 storey Villa with S/pool, Jacuzzi, waterfall, + Luxury Office Building

Individual air conditioners are to be mounted in all principal rooms of the Residence and Office immediately before project handover (piping & ducting is already installed.) In the Office building, suitable ducting has been built in to accommodate network cabling and phone lines (to be supplied & installed by the buyer at his discretion & cost).

A solidly built boundary wall  2.45 m high surrounds the entire estate; access to the compound is next to the Office, via a sliding steel gate. The Residence compound is separated from the Office area by a sliding steel gate across the driveway and a continuation wall alongside the driveway. Free title to the land and buildings situated thereon is held by Gemini Leisure Holdings Co.Ltd through three unencumbered land title deeds (chanuds). 39% of the shareholding of GLH is held by Leslie Wright (Owner) as sole authorised signatory; the remainder by Thai nominees who have no vested interest in the property or GLH.

Transfer of shareholding of GLH to the new owner(s) effectively transfers title to the land and buildings. Shareholding transfer would be executed at Seller's cost. The official house papers ('Tabiaan bahn') have been issued & collected for all three buildings, and all fees and taxes are paid up to date. The official address for the Estate is 166 Moo 9, Bansaray, Chonburi, Thailand. Under the terms of the Construction Contract, the contractor shall provide written guarantees as follows:-
5 years for the Residence, Office & Staff Quarters building structure;
3 years for the swimming pool structure;
1 year for flooring & finishing materials;
1 year for pumps, filters, and electrical materials & fixtures.
Inclusive Net Cost for The Estate & Holding Company: Bt. 34,500,000.  Approx $ US 825,000

Items excluded from Purchase Agreement which shall be to Buyer's account & discretion:
Landscaping of park (including construction of planned fishpond).
Installation of underground irrigation & sprinkler system.
Construction & placement of proposed Thai pavilions and seeding of new grass throughout the project).
Installation & connection of phone-lines as may be required.
Provision & installation of computer network, PABX & sound system, electrical appliances & furniture.